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Upload to the Comprehensive Archive Network

If you want to upload a new version of a package to CTAN you can start the upload from the package's page. Then several fields will be pre-filled. Even more is pre-filled if you are logged in.

To get ready for uploading please read the hints at Wie kann ich ein Paket hoch laden? and some more details at Upload-Addendum.

The required fields are clearly marked like this sentence. The form complains if a required field is missing.

Provide a few bits of information that will help us to categorize the package

Name of your contribution

This value corresponds to the name of the package in the Catalogue. It must consist of ASCII characters only. It should start with a letter and may contain only letters, digits or a minus sign.


Specify a meaningful version like 1.2 or 2.3.4. A release date in the form YYYY-MM-DD can be used as a fall-back in case you do not have a proper version number. Please consider Semantic Versioning as widely used in software engineering.


These are the names of the authors or maintainers. These names will be published with the package. Several names are separated by a semicolon (;).

Your name

Your name in case you are uploading a package on behalf of someone else. Note that the CTAN team checks that you are entitled to upload the package.

Your email

This email address will not be published. It is meant for contacting you in case of questions.


A short one line summary of what the package does. It is typically just a few words, or at most a sentence.


This is the description of the package as published with the package description on the CTAN package page.

Suggested CTAN directory

Your suggested CTAN directory is a help (if you are not sure, just make a guess). You can browse here. The selected path must start with one of the existing directories.

Announcement via mailing list and RSS
(features, changes,...)

This text is published for a new package or if an announcement is requested for an existing package. Please write in English.

In case of an update you can leave this field empty. Then no announcement will be published.

About the announcements: we have a mailing list for people who are interested in hearing about changes in our holdings. New packages are always announced on this list. For a revision of an existing package, please note that we don't mail the list about revisions that are bug fixes, minor feature additions, etc. If you make a major upgrade and would like an announcement then tell us so, and include a description of the improvements.

Administrative notes
(to the CTAN maintainers)

This text is for internal communication only. It will not be visible publicly. Please write in English.

Indicate the licenses

We need to know the licenses under which you are sharing your work. For more information about the different kinds, see the Catalogue License Definitions. If you don't know what to pick, you might note that the Project Public License 1.3c was developed to suit this purpose.

Several licenses can be given. This applies for instance if parts of the package are distributed under different licenses or the package is dual licensed under more than one license.

License type
Please also indicate the license within the package itself, at least in the top-level README or README.md file.

Select your archive file to be uploaded

Archive file

Your file will be uploaded when you submit this form in the final step.

We only accept a single archive file for upload: the file name must end in .zip, .tgz, or .tar.gz. Please do not use any special or non-printable characters (like blank spaces) in file names.

You can provide some communication channels

Usually you want users of your package to provide some feedback or have access to communication channels of certain kind.

Home page
This is the URL of the home page for the package. There the user can expect to receive more information and references related to the package.
Bug tracker
This is the URL to a bug tracker for the package. The user can expect to receive more information about open and closed issues for the package there. Additionally new issues can be filed there.
This is the URL where the user can get some kind of support for the package. This can be a mailing list or discussion forum dedicated to the package.
This is the URL where the user can read announcements for the package. This can be a mailing list or news feed dedicated to the package.
This is the URL of the repository of the package. The complete development versions of the package can be found there.
This is the URL where the user can participate in the development of the package.


In case that you need to reach the CTAN team, send an email message to

Please take care not to send any HTML mails to this address, because HTML mails are held in CTAN's SPAM filter, and it may take some time until a postmaster comes along to set them free.
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