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Input Unicode characters in notation, in emacs.
University of Arizona thesis and dissertation format.
Document class for theses at University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Course texts, master theses, and exams in University of Antwerp style.
Environments and options for typesetting university assignments.
thesis class for University of Calgary Faculty of Graduate Studies.
Thesis and dissertation class supporting UCB requirements.
A thesis/dissertation class for University of California at Davis.
Implementation of the (new in 2015) \Ucharcat command in lua, for Lua.
Font actions in according to what is being processed.
Musical script formatting.
Extended UTF-8 input encoding support for .
Typesetting academic documents from the University of Caxias do Sul.
University of California thesis format.
2.09 document style for UC Theses.
A thesis class file for the Faculté de génie at the Université de Sherbrooke.
Thesis class for the University of Duisburg-Essen.
A class for writing exercise sheets.
Thesis class for UESTC.
A bundle for undergraduate students final work/report (tcc) at UFRGS/EE.
Fonts for Ugaritic cuneiform script.
A font for Ugaritic.
Fonts for the Korean language.
A document class for typesetting homework assignments.
Time printing, in German.
University of Houston thesis document style.
Class for UIUC thesis red-bordered forms.
UIUC thesis class.
The UK digest.
A class for typesetting UK legislation.
Typeset date in a UK-ish form.
Hyphenation patterns for British English.
Hyphenation Patterns for Ukrainian.
Old copies and sources of Baskerville.
Package for underlining.
Support of Qualitative Data Analysis.
Extra mathematical characters.
Extra mathematical characters in Adobe Type 1 format.
Thesis class and templates for Université Laval.
An emacs mode with "lightning completion'.
A class for building legislation files for UMBC Student Government Association Bills.
University of Michigan Thesis class.
UML diagrams in .
German input encodings in .
Underline text allowing line breaking.
Package for fancy box frames.
Dissertations at the University of Michigan.
Fonts to typeset with the xgreek package.
Create documents according to the UNAM guidelines.
UNAM Thesis Template.
Style for Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico theses.
A class for theses at University of Brasilia (UnB).
Uncial manuscript book-hand font.
Math for Undergraduates cheat sheet.
Underlined running heads.
Multi-word underlining.
Position decorations over and under expressions.
Control the behaviour of "_" in text.
Typeset a tilde under one (or many) maths symbols.
A simple macro for placing a tilde under a character.
Override existing labels.
Make a new executable with format loaded.
Mark unfinished parts of a document.
TrueType version of Un-fonts.
TrueType version of Un-fonts.
Universal titlepages with configuration options and predefined styles.
Citation style for literary studies at the University of Wuppertal.
Citation style for linguistic studies at the University of Wuppertal.
Extended UTF-8 input encoding for .
Macros for using characters from Unicode’s Private Use Area.
Experimental unicode bidi package for .
Unicode data and loaders for .
Unicode mathematics support for and Lua.
Allow entering Unicode symbols in math formulas.
A Unicode font table generator.
Typeset theses for University of Florence (Italy).
Give notes a unique front page for every chapter and section.
templates for University of Graz Library Publishing Services.
OpenType math support in (plain) .
Unicode normalization support.
Provides unlimited unique counter.
Unicode small caps with Lua/XeLaTeX.
Define syntactic sugar for Unicode .
Convert a length into one with another unit.
TIPA typefaces with Unicode characters as input.
A bimonthly report class for the PhD School of Materials, Mechatronics and System Engineering.
Typeset units.
Typesetting units in .
Herbert Bayer’s ‘universal’ font.
Universalis font, with support.
Papers, theses and research proposals in (Applied) Linguistics at Vienna University.
Typeset to look like Unix man output.
A class for theses at the Faculty Of Graphic Arts in Zagreb.
Suppress \outer flags in Plain .
Unpacked copy of the sources.
Watching digest tokens.
Typeset a dissertation cover page following UNSW guidelines.
UNSW theses.
Strip commands from source file.
A document class for writing lab reports.
Class for dissertations and theses at the University of Oregon.
Document class for dissertations at the University of Wollongong.
Title page for dissertations at the University of Wollongong.
Print UPC-A barcodes.
Extract and update marks from boxes.
Upright Greek letters.
p and miscellaneous macros for up.
Multilingual index processor.
Writing specifications such as for UP-based methodologies.
Always keep upright shape for some punctuation marks and Arabic numerals.
Show "realistic" quotes in verbatim.
Ensure references are upright.
Unicode version of p.
Plain formats and documents for up.
Fonts for use with up.
Supplementary Chinese kinsoku for Unicode *p.
Beamer and scrlttr2 classes and styles for the University of Regensburg .
Hyperlinks for a wide range of URIs.
Verbatim with URL-sensitive line breaks.
Web support for .
URW free font support.
URW Antiqua condensed font, for use with .
URW Arial font pack for use with .
URW ‘Base 35’ font pack for .
URW Garamond No8 Adobe Type 1 fonts.
URW Grotesq font pack for .
Use URW's clone of Zapf Chancery as a maths alphabet.
Support for use of free URW fonts.
USC thesis style for 2.09.
A simple bibliography processor.
Style option to do Usenix conference proceedings.
Shorter (and longer) underlines and underbars.
US hyphenation patterns.
Giving meaning to various Unicode space characters.
U.S. Patent Application Tools for and .
User-mode documentation for .
Modified backref.
University of Toronto thesis style.
University of Texas at Austin graduate thesis style.
Converting Unicoded text to , HTML, etc.
Additional support for UTF-8 encoded input.
Tools to produce formats that read Polish language input.
Provides various Unicode symbols.
A half-tone font.
Adobe Utopia fonts.
A thesis class definition for University of Toronto.
Thesis package for the University of Texas at Austin.
Unofficial letterhead template for the University of Amsterdam.
The colour palette of The University of Western Australia.
The letterhead of the University of Western Australia.
A Participant Consent Form (PCF) for a human research protocol at the University of Western Australia.
A Participant Information Form (PIF) for a human research protocol at the University of Western Australia.
Slides with a simple Power Point like appearance.
University of Washington thesis class.
2.09 style for University of Washington theses.
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