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Herbert Voß

Der Beitragende Herbert Voß ist als Mitglied herbert der CTAN-Gemeinschaft vertreten.

Using Lua together with PostScript code
Beamer, using the style of FU Berlin
Bib citations for FU Berlin
Bib stylefiles for German law theses
Read a .bbl file created by biber
A Bib style emulating Springer’s old spbasic.bst
Shade cells of tables and halign
A font with the images of the countries of Europe
Bibliography data for all CTAN packages
A font for DANTE's logo
Support for the ttf and otf DejaVu fonts
Document class for the journal of DANTE
Document class for the journal of DANTE
Examples from the book Einführung in
Examples from the book Einführung in
Easy install of Live
Sophisticated verbatim text
Extended \fbox macro from standard
Use OpenType math font Fira Math
Framed boxes for Plain
Using the OpenType fonts Gyre Heros>
Macros for RTL typesetting
Write and execute external code, and insert the output
Controlling captions, fullpage and doublepage floats
Support for indexing
Print -related names as logo
Syntax-Highlighting of program code
Insert a QR code in the margin
Writing a length with a space between number and unit
Examples for the book Bibliografien mit
Examples for the book Bibliografien mit
Examples from the book " Referenz"
Wrapper to use the correct libertinus package according to the used engine
Support for Libertinus OpenType
Search fonts in the Lua font database
Examples from the book “Einführung in Lua und Lua
Create lists of random numbers
Support for the Lucida Bright fonts (OpenType)
Examples from the book Typesetting Mathematics with
Examples from the book "Mathematiksatz mit "
A loop facility for Generic
Supporting for the Nexus OpenType or True Type Fonts
Using the OpenType fonts Gyre Pagella
Support for the OpenType font IBM Plex
Powerdot, using the style of FU Berlin
Examples from the book Presentationen mit
Examples from the book Presentations with
A script to compile PSTricks documents via pdf
A PSTricks package for tilting and other pseudo-3D tricks
Draw 3D objects in parallel projection, using PSTricks
Put objects at an absolute position
Simulation of modulation and demodulation
A PSTricks related package which draws an antiprism
Special arrows for PSTricks
Produces bar charts using PSTricks
Print barcodes using PostScript
Draw Bezier curves
PSTricks package for "blurred" shadows
Support for floating point operations at level
Plot calendars in "fancy" ways
CIE color space
PSTricks package for drawing electric circuits
A PSTricks package for coils, etc
Plotting dart boards
Print diffraction patterns from various apertures
Draw electric field and equipotential lines with PSTricks
Create EPS files from PSTricks figures
Euclidian geometry with PSTricks
Typeset PSTricks examples, with code
Draw graphical elements for Feynman diagrams
Fill or tile areas with PSTricks
Macros for curve fitting
Fixed-point arithmetic in PSTricks
Draw fractal sets using PSTricks
Draw "funny" objects with PSTricks
PSTricks package for plotting mathematical functions
Draw GANTT charts with PSTricks
Geographical Projections
A PSTricks package to draw geometric tools
Three dimensional grids with PSTricks
Filling with colour gradients, using PSTricks
A PSTricks-compatible graphicx for use with Plain
Curves with continuous colours
PSTricks package for displaying knots
Draw objects for Chemistry laboratories
Lenses with PSTricks
Create images based on a L-system
Plotting a magnetic field with PSTricks
Enhancement of PostScript math operators to use with PSTricks
Images on a spherical mirror
Nodes and node connections in PSTricks
Three dimensional objects using PSTricks
Drawing optics diagrams
Create and manage graphical overlays
Platonic solids in PSTricks
Plot data using PSTricks
Drawing poker cards
Polygons with PSTricks
A collection of add-ons and bugfixes for PSTricks
PostScript macros for
PSTricks examples
PSTricks examples files of the 7th edition of the book PSTricks
Examples from PSTricks book (English edition)
Draw three-dimensional ribbons
Plotting sea shells
Sophisticated colour gradients
Plot the solar system for a specific date
Draw perspective views of 3D solids
Drawing a fidget spinner
Drawing hypotrochoids as with a spirograph
Civil engineering diagrams, using PSTricks
Assorted support files for use with PSTricks
Text and character manipulation in PSTricks
Drawing very thick lines and curves
PSTricks support functions
Trees, using PSTricks
Commands for “turtle operations”
Draw trees with more than one root node, using PSTricks
A PSTricks package for rolling vehicles on graphs of mathematical functions
A PSTricks package for drawing Venn sets
Draw perspective views of three dimensional objects
Using the OpenType fonts Gyre schola
Make overhead slides
Support OpenType Spark fonts
Examples from the book "Typesetting tables with "
Using the OpenType fonts Gyre Termes
Macros to print two-up
Convert a length into one with another unit
Typesetting mathematics in colour, in
A comprehensive review of mathematics in
Allows selected environments to be included/excluded
Fake a regular font for bold characters
Extending \hrulefill
Unicode-compatible index generation
Longtable support with possible X-column specifier
Allow URL breaks at any alphanumerical character
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